Four Points Funding

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About 4PF

Four Points Funding is western Colorado's premiere angel syndicate, dedicated to finding and enabling early stage companies in Western Colorado.

We work closely to understand the needs of each company and work with them to solve the business challenges they face. We offer capital investment, real estate financing, technology solutions and mentorship to help rapidly accelerate businesses to profitability.

We passionately believe the best outcomes for everyone result from strong community engagement and are committed to bringing together the largest network possible with the intent of matching the best resources available to companies with the greatest opportunity for success.


We directly invest in early stage businesses focused on sustained profitability, as well as connect companies to a large syndicate of investors.


We value the opportunity to assist in the smart growth of businesses. We offer many years of business experience to help you grow so that both our profits can grow.


These days almost every business has a technology component. With an in-house development team we can assist or advise on the technology needs of your growing business.

Real Estate

With an existing multi-million dollar portfolio of commercial and residential real estate we are poised to offer unique solutions to assist with possible real estate needs that are flexible for a growing business.


Steamboat Launch provides a formal channel for connecting our community of passionate entrepreneurs to the capital and mentorship they need to maximize their success. The event is held every August and February in Steamboat Springs, CO.

The event offers 4-5 companies the opportunity to pitch to a collection of accredited investors in a format that mirrors traditional post-accelerator pitches. Four Points Funding works with each presentor prior to the pitch session to make sure they are dialed in before approaching our broader community of investors.

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